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Become a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)


I love the direction my career has taken with Divorce Lending and the CDLP Certification.  My presentations have been to CPA Firms, Attorneys and CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).  I have received a great number of referral thus far and it also has exposed me to a lot of new contacts I would not have ordinarily made. B. Fairbanks, RI



What is a CDLP?


A Certified Divorce Lending Professional brings the financial knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce and Family Law, IRS Tax Rules and mortgage financing strategies as they all relate to real estate and divorce.



The Certified Divorce Lending Professional certification program is much more than the credentials behind your name. The CDLP program not only provides you with the knowledge base required to effectively practice in divorce lending, it provides you with the tools and resources to effectively build your business as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional.


Today more than ever, Certified Divorce Lending Professionals (CDLP) are an essential resource for divorcing couples, divorce attorneys and financial planners.



A professional divorce team has a range of team players including the attorney, financial planner, accountant, appraiser, mediator and yes, a divorce lending professional. Every team member has a significant role ensuring the divorcing client is set to succeed post decree. A CDLP is the perfect addition to the professional divorce team.




Build Credibility:
CDLP certification demonstrates a deeper knowledge and commitment to practicing divorce lending. As a Certified Divorce Lending professional you can showcase your training by presenting Continuing Education classes to CFPs, CDFAs, and family law attorneys.


Differentiate Yourself in the Field: CDLP certification is recognized as the standard of excellence in the divorce lending field. Having your CDLP certification enables you to stand out in the industry and communicates your expertise and credibility to your clients and referral partners. Learn to be ahead of the referral by being involved during the divorce process and not a post decree referral.




Certification Program Breakdown.


Module 1: Family Law and Real Estate

1. Divorce and Real Estate - Determining Value

2. Marital Property vs. Separate Property

3. Community Property States

4. Title Vesting Concerns

5. Equity Lines of Credit

6. Marital Liens and Lis Pendens

7. Property Settlement Notes

8. A House Divided


Module 2: IRS Tax Law and Special Rules for Divorcing Clients and Real  Estate


1. Divorced or Separated Individuals

2. Selling Your Home and Divorce

3. Mortgage Interest Deductions - Limitations and Divorce

4. Divorce and Negative Equity

5. Divorce and Short Sale / Foreclosure


Module 3: Mortgage Financing for Divorcing Clients


1. Facts During Settlement & Timing of Divorce Petition

2. Working with Divorce Lending Guidelines (Conventional and Government)

3. Credit Files and Divorce

4. Financing Time Lines

5. Divorce and Mortgage Scenarios

6. Mortgage Planning for Divorcing Clients

7. Reverse Mortgages and Divorcing Clients



Module 4: Real Estate Divorce Practice (Real Estate Section from the CDREP Program)



Module 5: Marketing Module

1. Marketing Collateral including CDLP Brochure; Marketing Flyers and Booklets

2. Presentation Materials and Power Points

3. Additional Materials Uploaded on a regular basis


Optional Business Building Platform - Divorcing Your Mortgage: Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) Branded Marketing Support. Highly qualify professional marketing materials defining your role as the divorce lending professional. ($33/month - no contract time period)


1.  Includes monthly personalized newsletter, "Divorcing Your Mortgage." Click for sample

2.  Monthly Coaching Calls

3.  Additional Marketing Collateral


Experience Qualification: CDLP Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years licensed experience as a licensed mortgage professional.  Copy of license history must be emailed to membership@divorcelendingassoc.com prior to full access being granted after program purchase.



Get started now and take your career in divorce mortgage lending to a higher level as a
Certified Divorce Lending Professional.



I appreciate your marketing newsletters and the information on the website. It is really valuable in my branding myself as a Divorce Lending Professional. S. Peterson, CA



Certified Divorce Lending Professional Certification Program  Certified Divorce Lending Professional Certification Program
  • Price: $650.00 
  • Monthly Marketing Platform
    I confirm that I have been an active licensed mortgage profesisonal for the previous 2 years.
  • Quantity:  



Please note that there is an annual membership fee of $108 to keep your certification active. The first year annual membership is already included in the certification fee.













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