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Live Certification Class - Chicago, IL
March 26 & 27
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Certified Divorce Lending Professionals are a must have on every Professional Divorce Team.


The Divorce Lending Institute offers both a professional development program and a business building platform for mortgage professionals who recognize the divorce market requires a strong knowledge base of more than just real estate trends and mortgage products.


Certified Divorce Lending Professionals are able to identify appropriate mortgage financing and real estate strategies for divorcing clients while being able to identify potential hurdles or opportunities with regards to real estate financing and potential tax or legal concerns as they pertain to real estate and divorce.


The Divorce Market is much more than just marketing to divorce attorneys. You need a knowledge base more than mortgage guidelines as well as a marketing platform to build your business.


I love the direction my career has taken with Divorce Lending and the CDLP Certification.  My presentations have been to CPA Firms, Attorneys and CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).  I have received a great number of referral thus far and it also has exposed me to a lot of new contacts I would not have ordinarily made. B. Fairbanks, RI


Build Credibility and Differentiate Yourself in the Field by demonstrating a deeper knowledge and commitment to working with divorcing clients, divorce attorneys, financial planners and other divorce professionals.


Divorce referrals can add tremendous value to your current business plan.


The problem is - most mortgage professionals don't understand that divorcing clients are not your typical home sellers, buyers or refinance clients. Taking your success to a higher level working with divorcing clients requires a strong understanding of how the puzzle pieces of divorce not only all fit together but how they all cross over into each other.



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Live Denver Event is SOLD OUT

Jody Bruns - Thursday, January 18, 2018

Please note that the Denver Live CDLP Certification Program is sold out!

We have additional live events scheduled throughout 2018 and there is always the option of the online study program as well.

Looking forward to helping build the Denver Divorce Market!

Jody Bruns, President
Divorce Lending Institute

2018 Tax Reform Bill Effects on Divorce & Mortgage Financing

Jody Bruns - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

 2018 Tax Reform Bill is bringing a lot of changes to tax payers in the United States. One of the bigger changes that will affect the divorce market is that alimony/maintenance will no longer be tax deductible.

This carries a greater impact than just the removal of the maintenance deduction for paying spouses. There will be a huge impact on how a divorcing borrower will qualify for a mortgage. Actually, if they pay maintenance they may have a much tougher time qualifying for a mortgage at all.

Additional effects include the mortgage interest deduction for a spouse paying the mortgage interest deduction when title to the marital home is still owned jointly.

Be sure you are up to date on how the changes will affect your divorcing borrowers as well as how you approach a mortgage with a divorcing client.

Jody Bruns

Please Welcome Our Newest CDLP June Stackhouse!

Admin @ Divorce Lending Association - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Divorce Lending and Real Estate Association would like to welcome our newest member June Stackhouse from West Des Moines, IA. Welcome June!










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