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Why Choose the CDLP® Certification?

CDLP Certification

The Divorce Lending Association stands as a trusted and esteemed organization, committed to empowering mortgage professionals with the essential expertise required to thrive in the specialized realm of divorce lending. As divorce rates continue to climb, the demand for professionals versed in the intricate financial intricacies of divorce-related real estate transactions has never been more pronounced.

As the only divorce mortgage and real estate association, membership offers a range of benefits, including the opportunity to build a strong brand, foster collaboration, and influence industry practices. This unique status positions the association as a valuable resource for family law professionals leading to more favorable outcomes for clients and a more comprehensive case management approach.

Selecting the CDLP® Certification isn't just an educational choice; it's a strategic investment in your career. Here's why this program should be regarded as a pivotal business decision:

  • Guided by Experts: Our CDLP® Certification program is meticulously crafted and presented by industry professionals with extensive practical experience in divorce mortgage planning. Learn from the best!
  • Specialized Knowledge: Dive deep into the world of divorce-related real estate transactions, encompassing legal considerations, financial ramifications, and the pivotal role of the divorce mortgage planner.
  • Professional Distinction: Achieving CDLP® Certification is a tangible testament to your dedication to excellence and sets you apart as a qualified divorce lending professional.
  • Business Expansion: Unleash new horizons and broaden your client base by offering specialized services tailored for divorce attorneys, couples navigating divorce, and other family law professionals.

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