Stand Out from the Crowd: CDLP® certification makes you the expert in divorce mortgage planning.

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Why Choose the CDLP® Certification?

The Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) certification is the industry's top choice for divorce mortgage planning. Its comprehensive curriculum uniquely blends financial, tax, and legal knowledge with mortgage planning strategies tailored for divorcing clients. This certification equips professionals to navigate complex scenarios that typical mortgage planning does not cover, ensuring they can provide unparalleled service to clients facing the intricacies of divorce.

By bridging the gap between divorce proceedings and mortgage advice, CDLPs enhance their credibility, foster stronger relationships with related professionals such as divorce attorneys, and ultimately stand out in a specialized and growing field. For mortgage professionals considering divorce as a business strategy, the CDLP® certification is an invaluable tool that expands their expertise and significantly increases their potential for referrals and client satisfaction.