The Divorce Lending Association offers an extensive range of training resources and publications tailored to mortgage professionals, family law professionals, and divorcing homeowners.

  • For mortgage professionals, we provide in-depth training in divorce mortgage planning, equipping you with the expertise needed to guide clients through challenging financial transitions as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional.
  • Family law professionals can access valuable insights into mortgage-related matters during divorce proceedings, enhancing their ability to provide comprehensive strategies and insights for negotiating better outcomes when real property and mortgage financing are present.
  • Divorcing homeowners benefit from our publications and workshops, which offer practical advice and strategies for navigating mortgage decisions during divorce, ensuring a smoother transition to financial stability surrounding real property and mortgage planning.

CDLP® Certification and Training

  • Download the CDLP® Program Brochure

    A breakdown of the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) program. Learn the how and why of becoming a CDLP® with the Divorce Lending Association. Download Request
  • Become a Certified Divorce Lending Professional

    The Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) certification program is your gateway to specialized expertise in divorce mortgage planning. Designed for mortgage professionals, it empowers you to navigate the unique financial complexities of divorce proceedings, build trust with clients facing divorce, and stand out in a competitive market. Become a CDLP® and unlock new opportunities for success in the mortgage industry. Additional Information

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Publications & Resources

  • Divorce Podcast

    Divorce Podcast focused on issues of divorce surrounding real property, divorce mortgage and financial planning, and other areas affecting divorcing homeowners. Listen