Jody Bruns

Jody Bruns

President and Founder Divorce Lending Association
  • Divorce Lending Association, LLC
  • 12832 Dominion Dr. Fairhope, AL 36532
  • 720-692-7241

Jody Bruns is the President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association and is credited with establishing industry certification programs for both real estate and mortgage professionals working with divorcing clients. Jody takes her knowledge further as an approved continuing education provider for multiple state bar associations and financial planning boards educating attorneys, financial planners, and other divorce professionals on the underlying concerns when divorce and real estate meet head-on.

Through her own personal journey of a divorce involving real estate, Jody knows firsthand the emotions divorce carries with it. Utilizing her own personal experience combined with her 30 plus years in mortgage and finance, Jody has made it her career and passion to educate the divorce community while helping divorcing clients navigate the clash between divorce, real estate, and mortgage financing.

Jody authored the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) and the Real Estate Mediation Specialists (REM-S) industry certifications along with a book, A House Divided | The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate, and Mortgage Financing.

Jody has coached and trained over 3,000 mortgage and real estate professionals on how to successfully work with divorcing homeowners; divorce attorneys, and other divorce professionals with the ultimate goal of a more successful divorce when mortgage financing and real property are involved.

  • Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®)
  • Certified Mediator/Mediator Trainer
  • Licensed Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor
  • Approved Continuing Legal Education Provider with multiple State Bar Associations
  • Approved Continuing Education Provider with CFP Board and Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts
  • Author: A House Divided | The Intersection of Divorce, Real Estate & Mortgage Financing

A Message From Jody

"I believe divorcing clients deserve to be better served than the status quo. I believe the divorcing borrower is being underserved by the real estate and mortgage industry as a whole.

The intersection between divorce law, tax law, real estate, and mortgage financing is real and we can’t ignore it. I challenge every real estate and mortgage professional to become part of the solution and raise their level of service when working with divorcing homeowners because you can’t think traditionally when working with divorce.

The CDLP® Certification offers the required knowledge, training, and resources for the mortgage professional who has that higher calling to better serve the divorcing community."