Divorce Mortgage Planning

Helping divorcing homeowners make a more informed decision regarding their overall mortgage and home equity solutions.




The Divorce Lending Association

What is Divorce Mortgage Planning and how a CDLP™ adds value to the professional divorce team?


Divorce Mortgage Planning is a holistic approach to the process of evaluating mortgage options in the context of the overall financial objectives as they relate to divorcing situations. Working directly with the divorce team, a CDLP™ understands the intersection of divorce, tax, real estate, and mortgage financing. The role of the CDLP™ is to help integrate the mortgage selected into the overall long and short-term financial and investment goals, to help minimize taxes, to minimize interest expense, and maximize cash flow.

Our mission is to help divorcing homeowners make more informed decisions regarding their home equity solutions and mortgage financing opportunities during and after the divorce.   Founded in 2014, the Divorce Lending Association supports ethical lending standards and is dedicated to supporting members through education and access to professional development opportunities working with divorcing homeowners. 

For mortgage professionals who are looking to make divorce mortgage planning a major focus of their practice or other professionals wanting to further their knowledge and training to better serve divorcing homeowners - you're in the right place!


As experts in the financial matters surrounding mortgage planning in divorce situations, Certified Divorce Lending Professionals (CDLP™) are equipped to illustrate and analyze the most appropriate mortgage financing structure during and after the divorce.


The Divorce Lending Association and the CDLP™ Certification is the industry's most complete specific divorce mortgage planning training course. The number one national organization providing the certification, education, and awareness of the benefits of utilizing a divorce mortgage planner during the divorce process. Click here for more information.

A Message For Divorcing Homeowners

The biggest challenge when going through a divorce where real estate and mortgage financing is involved is the lack of knowledge and understanding of just how intersected divorce, tax planning, real estate, and mortgage financing truly are. 

  • How can you identify and protect yourself from the common legal consequences of selling and owning real estate during a divorce?
  • Can you buy or sell real estate during the divorce?
  • Can you qualify to purchase a new home when obligated on the current mortgage of the marital home?
  • Can you refinance the marital home with only support income?

Working with a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™) can help set you up for success, whether purchasing a new home or refinancing the current mortgage in an equity buy-out situation. A CDLP™ offers a different perspective and a better solution!

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CDLP™s play a major role during the divorce settlement process. 70% of all divorces in the U.S. involve real estate.

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