collaborative divorce mortgage

While divorce was once thought of as an adversarial process, a collaborative divorce team works together to help their clients move forward after the divorce is finalized. A Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP® ) contributes to the team by helping each spouse secure mortgage financing that fits within their short-term and long-term financial goals.

The Value of Specialized Expertise

Each team member has their own area of expertise in the collaborative divorce team because it would be impossible for one person to truly understand all of the different variables involved in ending a marriage. Just as a divorce attorney makes sure agreements are legally sound, and a child specialist works to minimize the emotional impact of the divorce on the children, a CDLP® focuses on helping clients achieve their dream of homeownership by ensuring they’re obtaining the right mortgage financing.

Some of the many ways a CDLP® contributes to the success of the collaborative divorce team include:

  • Identifying potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property so they can be dealt with in a proactive way
  • Advising on mortgage financing options that can minimize taxes and interest expenses while maximizing cash flow
  • Helping a client who is relying on child support or spousal maintenance to qualify for a mortgage by ensuring the payment agreement is structured correctly
  • Analyzing consumer debt in accordance with the settlement agreement so that clients understand what steps they need to take to qualify for the most favorable financing options
  • Providing the information homeowners who wish to sell need to make smart decisions about their home equity options and assisting with equity buy-out preapproval as needed

Find a CDLP® in Your Area

Although a CDLP®  can join the divorce team at any time, bringing them on as early as possible in the settlement process maximizes the benefits they can provide. Use our locator tool to help you find a CDLP® in your area. The Divorce Lending Association has Certified Divorce Lending Professionals located throughout the United States.