• Becky Conner-McDuffy
  • Becky Conner-McDuffy
  • Movement Mortgage
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    Member Since 2023
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As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, (CDLP®), I focus my practice on helping divorcing homeowners make a more informed decision regarding their home equity solutions and the divorce team identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property.

As a CDLP I have an expanded vision beyond the normal scope of the traditional mortgage process. When divorcing, it's important to work with a mortgage professional who understands how family law, financial and tax planning, real property, and mortgage planning intersect and find the best solution for both parties.

I have been in Lending for over 17 years. The past several years I saw an enormous need for clarity and education for people facing divorce and navigating their current and future mortgage options. My passion is to educate and empower my clients to help them gain and maintain generational wealth through their home equity.