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I am a certified EMDR therapist and consultant through EMDRIA. I offer specialized care in the treatment of trauma/ PTSD, anxiety, and complex relationship issues. Relationships are hard and are often the foundation of a lot of our pain. Some of the issues I often work with are:

healing from narcissistic abuse

navigating through people pleasing/ co-dependency 

navigating distress following infidelity

how present day life can trigger our childhood wounds/ attachment trauma

( i.e. through parenting, our partners, bosses, strangers on the road, it comes out in a host of unsuspecting ways)

poor self- worth 

eating and body image issues 

One of my core principles is to see you in context of the entirety of your story and all the systems that have influenced who you are today. The beauty of this type of approach is you are not your symptoms. Our bodies sometimes don’t know what to do with the pain we carry inside. This internal weight can come out in a number of ways that may not even make sense to us. 

Often when we experience abuse, rejection, neglect, or overwhelming life events the effects can look like; anxiety, depression, difficulty with sleeping, eating disorders, addiction, struggles with sex and relationships. 

I specialize in a type of trauma therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This is a unique type of psychotherapy that often allows clients to process through their pain in a way that traditional talk therapy does not always afford. IFS (Internal Family Systems) and working with parts in another key element of my work with clients as well as referring to other practitioners when appropriate such as; dietitians, physical therapists, chiropractors etc to honor you as a whole person. 

I truly believe you already have everything you need to heal inside of you. Therapy is a unique environment designed to point you to the inner wholeness you had all along.

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