professional training and certificationBecoming a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP® ) helps you tap into a new market for mortgage lending that’s not dependent on interest rate fluctuations or general real estate trends. Becoming a CDLP® also lets you take advantage of a range of personalized marketing and business development support services.

General CDLP® Business Development Resources

Every CDLP® has access to ongoing marketing and development resources as part of their membership with the Divorce Lending Association. This includes sessions led by our staff, as well as the ability to participate in a private forum where you can exchange tips, learn about new marketing techniques, and seek business development advice from other mortgage professionals. Additionally, you’ll be able to personalize your member listing in the Divorce Lending Association CDLP® Directory so homeowners and divorce professionals can easily locate you when they’re in need of assistance.

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

After you become a CDLP® , you’ll have the option of utilizing our business development and business management services. This program provides a wide range of resources designed to help you expand your mortgage lending practice, including:

  • A personalized landing page with weekly marketing updates and lead generation
  • Automated marketing campaigns that highlight you as a CDLP® expert, educate and support your existing and prospective clients, and drive them back to your personalized landing page.
  • Educational content marketing material
  • Weekly social media posts you can incorporate into your favorite platforms
  • Weekly group coaching calls

Finding time to focus on marketing and business development can be tricky when you’re struggling to manage your existing workload. Using our platform reduces stress because you’re not reinventing the wheel. Our materials are proven to be effective in generating interest from divorcing homeowners as well as members of the professional divorce team.

Take the First Step Toward Career Success

As the only mortgage-focused divorce mortgage planning training program in the industry, the Divorce Lending Association offers an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to register for CDLP® training or have questions about our marketing and business development resources, contact us today.