Unlock the Untapped Potential of Divorce Mortgage Planning

Divorce mortgage planning needs to be more understood and seen as merely originating a loan. In reality, it encompasses so much more. Mastering this niche can significantly elevate your mortgage business and expand your service capacity. We are thrilled to introduce an exclusive four-part video series designed to elevate your expertise and grow your business: "The Business of Divorce | Elevate Your Mortgage Business with Divorce Mortgage Planning."

Gain in-depth insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of divorce-related mortgage planning and set yourself apart as a trusted expert in this specialized field.

divorce business video trainingWhat You'll Learn:

Part 1: Recognizing the Need for Change

  • Adapting to New Realities: Understand the changing landscape of divorce and the evolving needs of divorcing homeowners.
  • Identifying Challenges: Learn about the unique challenges faced by divorcing clients and why traditional mortgage solutions often fall short.

Part 2: The Business Case for Divorce Mortgage Planning

  • Exploring Market Potential: Discover the untapped potential of the divorce mortgage market.
  • Compelling Data: See data and case studies illustrating how incorporating divorce mortgage planning can significantly boost your business.
  • Benefits for Your Practice: Understand the financial and professional benefits of becoming a trusted advisor in this niche market.

Part 3: The CDLP® Certification: Your Competitive Advantage

  • Stand Out: Differentiate yourself with the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) certification.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore the certification process and the extensive curriculum that sets you apart.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Gain insights into how this certification can enhance your credibility and attract a new clientele base.

Part 4: Building Your Divorce Mortgage Planning Business

  • Integration Strategies: Learn practical strategies for integrating divorce mortgage planning into your business model.
  • Marketing Your Expertise: Get actionable steps to market your new expertise and build relationships with divorce attorneys and financial planners.
  • Supporting Clients: Effectively support your clients through their divorce journey with the right tools and knowledge.

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