Divorce Real Estate Training Workshop

Divorce Real Estate CourseAre you a Real Estate Professional looking to expand your expertise and grow your business? Our Divorce Real Estate Training Workshop provides you with training and resources to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities in divorce-related real estate transactions. 

Protect your license, serve your clients, and build a strong presence in the divorce real estate market.

Course Highlights:

  • Legal Expertise: Understand the legal intricacies of divorce real estate, including property division, spousal rights, and tax implications. Learn how to protect your client's interests throughout the process.
  • Financial Insights: Gain valuable insights into property valuation, asset appraisal, and financial considerations in divorce-related real estate transactions. Master the art of pricing properties accurately and fairly.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learn effective conflict resolution strategies to manage emotionally charged situations and negotiate successful outcomes for all parties involved.
  • Business Building: Implement a strategic business plan for building a presence partnering with family law professionals.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Family Law Insights

  • The breakdown of the family law industry
  • The anatomy of divorce, including timelines and opportunities
  • Sub-groups including grey and military divorces

Lesson 2: Divorce & Real Estate

  • Dividing real property in a divorce
  • Determining the value of real property - should you use an appraisal or a CMA?
  • Protect your license by understanding specific Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Lesson 3: Building a Family Law Presence

  • Identify the three most common methods for building a family law presence in real estate and divorce mortgage planning