Dual Credit Offered for CFP® and CDFA® Designations!

Divorce mortgage planning goes beyond mortgages; it involves understanding the complex connection between mortgages, property division, and the specific challenges of divorce from legal, financial, and tax viewpoints.

  • Did you know that certain aspects of the real property may limit access to equity in an equity buyout situation?
  • What are the tax implications when one party moves into an existing investment property as their new primary residence post-divorce?
  • What financial and tax planning strategies are available to create qualified income streams for mortgage financing after divorce?
  • What language in the marital separation agreement may benefit one party and harm the other when obtaining future mortgage financing?
  • Is a loan assumption in your client's best interest?

This Continuing Education course isn't Mortgage 101. It is designed to help you guide your divorcing clients to make more informed decisions within the context of mortgage planning during divorce.

Why is this class important as a divorce financial planner? Because what may be available as a legal option may not be a mortgage option!

Divorce Financial Planning CourseIntegrating Divorce Mortgage Planning Into Your Financial Case Management


  • CDFA® Credential: Approved 4-Hour CE Units
  • CFP® Credential: Approved 4.5 Hour CE Units (Course ID 319584)

This course is available online and is self-paced. CE credits will be reported to appropriate boards upon completion. 

Course Instructor: Jody Bruns

Course Materials: Entire Course Deck PDF and Resources used in Case Studies.

Course Description and Objectives

In this course, you'll learn how mortgage planning can greatly influence divorce settlement finances. We're confident this will equip you with valuable tools to better assist your clients through the divorce process, making it suitable for all experience levels, whether you're new to divorce mortgage planning or seeking to broaden your expertise.

Course Highlights:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Divorce Mortgage Planning
    • Gain in-depth insights into the intersection of mortgages, divorce, and property division. 
    • Learn to navigate the divorce mortgage planning journey while breaking down the four phases of divorce mortgage planning.
  • Part 2: Navigating Legal and Compliance Aspects of Divorce Mortgage Planning 
    • Dive deep into the legal and compliance aspects of divorce mortgage planning as they pertain to real property in divorce including property division, valuation methods to lender requirements. 
    • Master the nuances of settlement agreements includng property division, ownership transfers, and loan assumptions incident to divorce. 
  • Part 3: Financial Aspects of Divorce Mortgage Planning
    • Unpack the financial components, analyzing the impact of real property and mortgages in divorce. 
    • Learn about tax implications and strategies to minimize tax liabilities for your clients including timelines, potential capital gains from investment property turned primary housing in divorce, to protecting the mortgage interest deduction post divorce.
  • Part 4: Exploring Mortgage Planning Aspects of Divorce
    • Explore creative solutions for mortgage-related challenges, from equity buyouts to selling marital homes.
    • Understanding the influence of qualified income, converting asset sources into income, and debt assignment in the context of divorce.
    • Elements of structuring an effective equity buyout in a high rate environment.
    • Resolve divorce mortgage planning concerns for military and senior divorces.
  • Part 5: Crafting Tailored Mortgage Solutions through Case Studies
    • Put your knowledge into practice with real-life case studies and practical applications. 
    • Craft tailored mortgage solutions for specific client scenarios.

Dual Credit Course

  • CDFA® Credential: Approved 4-Hour CE Units
  • CFP® Credential: Approved 4.5 Hour CE Units

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