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As of January 2018, the Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP) program will be offered through the Divorce Real Estate Institute.

Is the Divorce Market part of your overall referral sources?


There are 2.4M divorces in America each year and 70% of all divorces involve real estate - Are you overlooking the divorce market as a referral source to grow your real estate business?



The CDREP certification program is a complete training and business platform for real estate professionals who are serious about succeeding in the divorce market - becoming the divorce real estate expert in your specific market place!


Most real estate professionals assume the divorce market consists mostly of short sales and foreclosures - this is a huge myth of the divorce market!




Our platform focuses on the divorce attorneys and putting you on the professional divorce team as the divorce real estate expert. The referrals generated from this vantage point is where the good referrals exist!


Selling the Marital Home

Purchase of new separate homes with qualified buyers



When real estate professionals make the mistake of targeting the divorcing couples directly is where the majority of short sales, foreclosures and unqualified borrowers are found!


Become a Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP)


There is much more to working with divorcing clients than the ability to list and sell a home. Divorcing situations bring with them potential legal ramifications as well as potential loss of commission. You can protect yourself and your license by being educated on the subject of divorce real estate including an understanding of certain aspects of Family Law and IRS tax law as they relate to divorcing clients combined with an understanding of your obligations as a real estate broker in a divorce situation.


Our business building platform is built upon a team model focused on educating the divorce attorneys and financial planners as well as consumers. It is not built upon 'selling your services' it is built upon the value you bring to the professional divorce team as a collective unit.


CDREP Certification: Knowledge is Power and Power Produces Results



Build Credibility: CDREP certification demonstrates a deeper knowledge and commitment to practicing divorce real estate.


Differentiate Yourself in the Field: CDREP certification is recognized as the standard of excellence in the divorce real estate field. Having your CDREP certification enables you to stand out in the industry and communicates your expertise and credibility to your clients and referral partners. Learn to be ahead of the referral by being involved during the divorce process and not a post decree referral.


The Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional certification program is available as a self-paced / online self-study program. Access to self study materials including training videos are accessible on the member secure site along with testing information.





Certification Program Breakdown:


Part 1: Family Law and Real Estate

1. Divorce and Real Estate - Determining Value

2. Marital Property vs. Separate Property

3. Community Property States

4. Title Vesting Concerns

5. Equity Lines of Credit

6. Marital Liens and Lis Pendens

7. Property Settlement Notes

8. A House Divided


Part 2: IRS Tax Law and Special Rules for Divorcing Clients and Real  Estate


1. Divorced or Separated Individuals

2. Selling Your Home and Divorce

3. Mortgage Interest Deductions - Limitations and Divorce

4. Divorce and Negative Equity

5. Divorce and Short Sale / Foreclosure



Part 3: Divorce and Real Estate


1. Broker/Client Relationship

2. Getting the Listing

3. Disclosure Requirements

4. Protecting Your Commission

5. Working with Divorcing Buyers

6. When Divorcing Clients are Renting

7. Working with Certified Divorce Lending Professional


Part 4: Certification Exam: Certification requires 80% correctly answered (100 questions)


1. Online and scored immediately.


Part 5: Marketing Module - available upon completion of certification program and test.


1. Marketing Collateral including CDREP Brochure; Marketing Flyers and Booklets

2. Presentation Materials and Power Points

3. Additional Materials Uploaded on a regular basis


Optional Business Building Platform - 4Sale by Divorce: Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP) Branded Marketing Support. Highly qualify professional marketing materials defining your role as the divorce lending professional. ($33/month - no contract time period)


1.  Includes monthly personalized newsletter, "4Sale by Divorce."

2.  Monthly Coaching Calls


Experience Qualification: CDREP Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years licensed experience as a licensed real estate professional.  Copy of license history must be emailed to membership@divorcelendingassoc.com prior to full access being granted after program purchase.





Get started now and take your career in
divorce real estate to a higher level as a
Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional.






Get started now and take your career in divorce real estate to a higher level as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional.










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