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Divorce Mortgage Lending Niche




Divorce referrals can add tremendous value to your current business plan.


The problem is - most real estate and mortgage professionals don't understand that divorcing clients are not your typical home sellers, buyers or refinance clients. Taking your success to a higher level working with divorcing clients requires a strong understanding of how the puzzle pieces of divorce not only all fit together but how they all cross over into each other.






WHY the Divorce Market? Opportunity


70% of all divorces in the U.S. involve real estate (Divorce Financial Association)


Divorce rate: 3.2 per 1,000 population   (CDC/NCHS National Vital Statistics System)



This equates to a potential 560,000 divorces involving real estate
every  year in the United States.





Where Do You Start? Knowledge



Build Credibility: Demonstrate a deeper knowledge and commitment to practicing divorce lending and real estate.


Differentiate Yourself in the Field: You must understand that to build a strong and recurring referral stream working with divorcing clients, you must have the knowledge to stand out.



Who is your audience?


Divorcing Clients: Indirectly, yes. The divorcing client is your end user; however, if you put all of your efforts into marketing yourself directly to the divorcing clients, your efforts are diminished AND you become transactional.


Divorce Attorneys, Financial Planners, Mediators, etc.: THIS IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE! You want to create professional referral sources with divorce professionals who will recognize you as their trusted real estate or mortgage team member and you become relational!






The Certified Divorce Lending Professional is a key component in working with the divorce attorney and/or financial planner for identifying potential financial objections as well as noting potential opportunities or suggestions during the divorce settlement as it relates to income (maintenance/child support/property settlements, etc.); and other matters that may impede mortgage financing post divorce.














The Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional is yet another key component when disposing of the marital home involves selling the home as well as providing assistance in the purchase transaction. Having the knowledge base to avoid potential disputes among divorcing clients can help move the selling process quickly while avoiding many emotional and legal hurdles.




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