The CDLP Advantage

Divorce can be complicated, especially when it comes to finances. A CDLP® can help!

A CDLP® combines expertise in divorce law, financial planning, and mortgage lending to give you the support you need during a difficult time. 

Unbiased Guidance: They act as a neutral third party to help you make informed decisions. 

  • Understands the interplay between divorce law and mortgage financing
  • Analyzes complex divorce decrees and settlement terms
  • Interprets the financial impact of spousal/child support

Specialized Knowledge: They understand the financial complexities of divorce and can help you navigate them. 

  • Serves as a neutral mortgage advisor for both parties
  • Prioritizes sustainable, long-term financial solutions for homeownership
  • Helps protect clients from rushed, misinformed decisions

Collaborative Partner: They work with your attorney and financial advisor to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Works seamlessly with attorneys and financial advisors
  • Offers mortgage-specific insights for settlement negotiations
  • Provides data and analysis for the client's entire divorce team

Don't go through this alone. Find a CDLP® in your area today!

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