When a divorce involves real estate, the emotional stakes can skyrocket, especially in high-conflict situations. Dividing a home, a source of stability and memories, can become a major battleground. But good news: a Certified Divorce Lending Professional® (CDLP®) with solid negotiation skills can be the bridge you need to reach a fair and amicable resolution.

Benefits of a Negotiation-Savvy CDLP® in High-Conflict Real Estate Divorce:

High-Conflict Divorce & Real Estate?

  • De-Escalate: Navigate emotionally charged situations and promote calm communication.
  • Creative Solutions: Craft innovative solutions for dividing or selling the property.
  • Financial Clarity: Analyze property value, debt, and mortgage options to ensure a fair outcome.
  • Win-Win Outcomes: Negotiate agreements that benefit both parties and minimize financial strain.
  • Settle Outside of the Courtroom: Facilitate agreements outside the courtroom, saving time and money.
  • Empowered Clients: Provide clients with the knowledge and options to make informed decisions.

Percentage of divorces involving real estate: Estimates range from 60% to 80% of divorces involving some form of real estate division (https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/family-law-divorce ).

Percentage of high-conflict divorces: Research suggests around 15-20% of divorces are considered high-conflict (https://familylawyermagazine.com/articles/mental-health-professionals-high-conflict-divorce-pitfalls-to-avoid/ ).

Don't let real estate become another point of contention in your high-conflict divorce.  A CDLP® with negotiation expertise can guide you through the process, explore creative solutions, and empower you to make informed decisions.

 Don’t let conflict stall the process. A CDLP® with negotiation skills can help! 

Find a CDLP® today and start building a brighter future.

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