The intersection of divorce, real estate, and mortgage financing is real. 70% of all divorces in the U.S. involve real estate.

With nearly 800,000 divorces in the United States last year, 560,000 involved real estate and mortgage financing.

If you find yourself working with occasional divorcing clients, you need to understand the implications of doing so.

The Divorce Course will change the way you think about the divorce market. 

Learn the fundamentals of working with divorcing clients when real estate and mortgage financing are present. 

Increase effectiveness. Be better prepared. Protect your license.  

The Divorce Course Breakdown and Focus

High-Level course introducing the student to key issues in divorce when working with divorcing clients.

Course Overview and Delivery

Available Online 24/7 self-paced

  • Training includes Student Study Handbook
  • 6 Video Training Modules with Assessment Quizzes (6 Hours estimated course completion time)
  • Certificate of Completion issued upon successful completion of course and final assessment test.

Lesson 1 | Divorce Principles: An Overview of the Divorce Process and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Develop a foundational understanding of the divorce process and alternative dispute resolution.

  • What is Divorce
  • Different Types of Divorces
  • An Overview of the Divorce Process
  • An Overview of Equitable Distribution
  • An Overview of Community Property
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • An Overview of the Formal Mediation Process

Lesson 2 | Legal Issues with the Marital Home and Other Real Estate Owned

 Identify and understand legal issues with the marital home and other real estate owned.

  • Dividing Real Estate in a Divorce
  • Effect of Marital Status on Title and the Ability to Sell
  • Lis Pendens Notice
  • Types of Property: Separate vs. Marital

Lesson 3 | Financial Concerns During Divorce

Recognize and avoid financial concerns during divorce.

  • Tax Consequences of Divorce
  • Tax Considerations when Dividing Property in Divorce
  • The Importance of Basis
  • QDROs | Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Lesson 4 | Real Estate Practices for Divorcing Sellers and Buyers

Learn key real estate practices for working with divorcing sellers and buyers.

  • Getting the Listing / Brokerage Relationships
  • Representing Divorcing Sellers
  • Should a Real Estate Agent Disclose Divorce in a Home Sale?
  • Representing Divorcing Buyers
  • Avoiding Malpractice in Divorce Real Estate
  • Safeguards for the Real Estate Professional

Lesson 5 | Mortgage Strategies Working with Divorcing Borrowers

Identify key mortgage issues when working with divorcing borrowers.

  • Obtaining Mortgage Financing While Divorce is Pending
  • Qualified Income Sources
  • Marital Debt in Divorce
  • Disposition of the Marital Home

Lesson 6 | The Unfair Advantage of Niche Marketing

Learn to succeed with marketing in the divorce niche.

  • Learn what it takes to succeed with Niche Marketing
  • Become the Big Fish in a Little Pond
  • Why You Must Become the Subject Matter Expert
  • Why the Divorce Market is such a great opportunity



  1. Who is this course for? The Divorce Course is perfect for the professional who has an interest in the divorce market; recognizes the importance of knowledge to better serve their divorcing clients; yet isn't quite ready to take the full plunge into the CDLP® Certification.
  2. Is this course part of the CDLP® Certification? The content of the Divorce Course is included in the full CDLP® Certification course; however, this course is only a small fraction of what's included in the full certification course.
  3. Is there a 'Certification' offered with the Divorce Course? You will receive a "Certificate of Completion"; however, only the CDLP® Certification program offers a certification.

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