Ann Kreindler-Siegel is a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified collaborative divorce coach. She has dual Master’s degrees in Social Work, and Education in Counseling, & also has a post-graduate certification in coaching.  Ann has owned and operated her own private practice in Charlotte, NC since 1993 and practiced in New York, prior to that.  In addition, Ann was certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in 2010 and uses somatic techniques with both her therapy clients and in her coaching. 

Somatic experiencing practice enables individuals, and couples, to be attuned to the sensations they are experiencing in their bodies, and is invaluable in calming peoples’ anxiety, and reducing conflict. Ann works in a one-coach or a two-coach model, depending on the case, and her goal is collaborative divorce, to rebuild two families from one and help people with healing and rebuilding their lives successfully.

In addition, Ann specializes in communication skills that she teaches to couples, and individuals, to reduce conflict, and improve the probability of a more amicable co-parenting relationship going forward when couples divorce.  She is also able to work with one individual in a couple, rather than both parties, if the divorce is more contentious, and will be a situation of a non-amicable mediation or litigation.  Ann helps individuals with their skills to answer any questions asked in a calm manner and also helps clients settle their systems so that they learn to respond and not react.

Anxiety is such a large part of the divorce process, and there are often so many unanswered questions, that people are unsure of what their future will look like.  Ann is able to guide people smoothly through this process and reduce fear and anxiety so that there is a more positive and hopeful focus. Ann also specializes in attachment work, as many clients want to learn how to not repeat the same patterns going forward, for those that want ongoing coaching after their divorce is finalized.