Harry Baumohl is one of Maryland’s foremost Family Law practitioners. His areas of focus include but are certainly not limited to the following:

1. Experienced Family Law Attorney, dealing with Divorce, Child Custody, and High Net Worth Divorce Litigation - with over Four Decades of an amazing track record and quality expertise.
2. Focused on representing clients – for wives, husbands and same-sex couples, alike – typically with high family income, net worth and substantial and/or complicated asset scenarios. Expertly untangling complicated household monetary and family asset situations.
3. Expertise in high conflict and ongoing parenting disputes.
4. Prenuptial Agreements as a planning tool.
5. Mediation and Collaborative Family Law.

An amazing track record and knowledge of what I refer to as -- “knowing what’s in the envelope.”
• I provide our clients with steady and thoughtful representation, coupled with a unique and welcome philosophy and temperament specifically designed to meet clients’ individual needs during their most tumultuous times. I am not driven by emotion, but rather experience and an unyielding philosophy.
• I provide clients with poised, compassionate, clear representation.
• I offer strategic, focused help so that clients are ultimately positioned to secure the best results.
• I’m Passionate. Proactive. Responsive. Insightful. Incredibly successful.

Harry is a Founder of Baumohl Hamburg LLC, situated in Pikesville, Maryland, Baltimore County, conveniently located right off of the Baltimore Beltway.

Referrals of qualified clients -- by fellow Family Law Firms, Business Associates & Friends -- are always 100% confidential, with no obligation, and are always appreciated. I’m here first and foremost as a duty bound professional to assist families in their most stressful moments. And if we’re not your best solution, be assured, our Firm has a wide network of associates that can help.