As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, (CDLP™), I focus my practice on helping divorcing homeowners make a more informed decision regarding their home equity solutions and the divorce team identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property.

I have over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service; taking every opportunity to further my knowledge of the industry in an effort to better educate my clients and ensuring as many people as possible can experience the rush of homeownership.

Having owned my own mortgage company and managed lending teams at other mortgage companies, I have witnessed countless loan scenarios. This experience allows me to aid my clients in navigating the mortgage process. I am dedicated to helping my clients find the best mortgage to suit their needs.

My Why, or purpose, is To empower people thru kindness to discover that anything is possible, so we can live our greatest lives.
I am an avid supporter of Youthfull Maine, The Robbie Foundation and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You don't move a mountain in one push, but by lifting 10,000 stones one at a time. Help me lift a stone and move a mountain.