My name is John Duffy, and I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional and financial planner. I believe in service as a way of life, and I endeavor to help others personally and professionally.

I went through my divorce in 2006. We had drifted apart and become logistical partners getting kids from place to place. My ex-wife is a family law attorney. I was the stay-at-home parent and telecommuted while changing diapers. We had an amicable separation, but there were rough patches. The girls were 5 and 3, and the hardest part was telling them. I was intensely worried about how they would respond. I hated the idea of not seeing them every day. Co-parenting was challenging for years, but we slogged through. It was a long dark tunnel, but we are all out of it and enjoying the light. Zen’s goal is to support and guide you through your own personal journey and be the bridge to help you get to the other side.

I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management and began working in tech in Silicon Valley. I moved to Santa Barbara in 1999 to start a family and begin my career in finance. I am happily re-married to my wife, Star, and together we added a son and daughter to our blended family.