Jordana Wolfson, owner of Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC, is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, a Certified Divorce Mediator, and a Collaborative Divorce Coach. She also holds a Specialist Degree in Education Leadership and Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies. Jordana founded Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC in 2017 to fulfill a personal mission to help children live to their potential and fully enjoy their childhood, even if their parents are no longer together. A significant focal point for her is to de-escalate conflict between parents. In addition to her experience in Clinical Social Work, she served as an early childhood director, K-4 principal, and K-12 Head of School in local private Jewish Day Schools for over 15 years. Her primary work at Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC includes Co-Parenting Counseling (voluntary or court-ordered), Mediation, developing or modifying Parenting Time Agreements, supporting families through court-ordered Parenting Time Coordination and coaching in Collaborative Divorces.