Kate A. D. Kovats Became an Attorney to Help People Through One of the Most Challenging Times They Will Ever Experience.

Kate began her career in the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office, where she honed her skills as a trial attorney. During her time at the District Attorney’s Office, she spent every day in the courtroom and handled thousands of cases. Given her trial experience, she knows when a case should go to court and isn’t afraid to take a case to trial, this includes family law cases, criminal cases, and traffic matters.

When it comes to family law, one aspect of her work that Kate takes most seriously is helping families learn how to work together amicably and efficiently, especially when children are involved. Kate has witnessed firsthand the positive long-term effects that come from two parents working amicably through the divorce process, and she also has seen the adverse effects that can result from an ugly divorce.

No matter what kind of case, Kate strives to give clients a clear understanding of the law as it pertains to their individual situation and makes a conscious effort to understand each client’s top priorities. She knows there isn’t a universal way to handle every case; while some cases can be handled through settlement or pleas deals, others must be tried in court.

The most rewarding part of Kate’s job is helping clients survive a trying time and then thrive in their new normal. Kate seeks to empower each of her clients to embrace their independence and move on to the next chapter with a renewed sense of confidence and happiness.

When Kate is not practicing law, she enjoys teaching indoor cycling classes, spending time with her cat, and cheering on her Florida State Seminoles.