As a divorce mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I have worked with hundreds of couples, helping them reach amicable agreements that prioritized their families outside of court. 

The most challenging issue that faces my clients is the division of assets and debts which disproportionately affects the less "financially knowledgeable" spouse. In almost all instances, this spouse is a woman. 

More than half of married women delegate financial decision-making to their spouse, women enter poverty at a higher rate than men post-divorce, and women are consistently found to have lower financial confidence than men. 

But why?

Often, finances aren't taught to women from a young age, and money is viewed as a taboo topic for discussion. But finances don't have to be overwhelming, particularly during one of the most challenging times in your life. I want to help you understand your finances in a supportive, simple way. I'm here to support you in shaping your goals for the future and find a solution that helps you take back control of your finances. 

Ms. Confiance provides a financial coaching service for women affected by divorce. You may be considering whether divorce is right for you, in the middle of a divorce, or have finished your divorce process in the last year. Schedule a complimentary consultation today so that I can better understand your needs and personalize my services to help you grow your financial confidence.