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As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, (CDLP®), I focus my practice on helping divorcing homeowners make a more informed decision regarding their home equity solutions and the divorce team identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property.

I have been a traditional mortgage broker since 2006. Once I joined the San Antonio Fire Department, I continued on with my mortgage career simultaneously. It wasn’t long before I noticed that I would quite frequently talk to fellow FF’s who had been through a divorce but come out on the other side in situations that were not conducive to homeownership. The reason being is there has historically been a gap, a missing link if you will, between the world of mortgage underwriting and family law. After years of frustration and wishing there was some way to help avoid these situations up front. I finally found a very well run organization of like-minded individuals, the (Divorced Lending Association D.L.A.), that have the same goal. That is, to work side by side with family law attorneys and other divorce professionals to assist an extremely underserved portion of society, the divorcee. Doing so, by attaining specialized training and skillfully navigating the arena that is divorce to successfully put these clients in a real position to pick up the pieces and retain their home and/or become homeowners again much more efficiently. In much the same way that a family law attorney has specialized training and education in the legal realm, I also have specialized training, certification and background as a firefighter-medic that will uniquely bring an unparalleled level of service, expertise and insight to our clients and fellow brothers and sisters in Fire Service, Police Department, US Military as well as the community as a whole. 

Connect with me on social: www.linkedin.com/in/michael-vincent-martinez-36610716