Payton is a CPA and a Certified Tax Planner. He operates a tax planning firm based just outside of St. Louis.  He began his career as a tax accountant in 2011 working in public accounting and specializing in tax work, mainly for small businesses and individuals. After 4 years in the public accounting world, he made the jump to the corporate tax world, where he worked the next 5 years for two Fortune 500 companies.  After his time in the corporate tax world, he realized his true passion was in working with Main Street businesses, and he made the not-very-common move back over to public accounting. In 2022, he made the leap to branch out on his own and started Tax Game Plan – a tax planning CPA firm providing premium tax planning and compliance services to small business owners and real estate investors.  He has spent the last year and a half now helping small business owners and investors put together plans to legally reduce their tax liabilities by 10s of thousands of dollars – and doing so, while keeping in mind their larger wealth-building and lifestyle goals.