In her 24 years of family and divorce mediation practice, Sharleé has been privileged to assist over 750 couples constructively through divorce and trained hundreds in mediation and conflict management. 

With this experience, she has developed a competency in dealing with complicated and high-conflict divorce, separation, and co-parenting issues.  As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, she is skilled in working for high-net-worth individuals to develop equitable agreements around complex business matters, asset and debt division, and spousal and child support. 

You will find that she practices a hybrid evaluative/facilitative form of family and divorce mediation. This style provides leadership and support to both parties and improves the chances of a drama-free experience. It avails her clients of a focused process designed to develop understanding with the parties that empowers and encourages cooperation without feeling threatened.  

Sharleé loves what she does. She is tenacious and hopelessly optimistic and brings a creative approach to the table that helps her clients achieve results that address and meet their needs.