Steve Berger is the principal attorney and founder of the Estate Planning Firm located in Severna Park, Maryland. The firm assists families in passing their assets to the next generation with a minimum of taxes, fees and government interference. The firm uses a team concept and technology to produce estate plans that are understandable and executable under the stress of probate. Trust is a core value of the firm built by delivering on promises.

Steve’s passion in estate planning was planted by his great-grandfather who bought up North Dakota farmland in the 1930s. Steve remembers his great-grandmother living on the farm surrounded by her children’s farms. Today all that farmland is still in the family divided into seven shares for the seven children.

Steve Berger listens and learns from the stories and concerns of estate planning clients. Steven’s skill is putting those wishes into a legacy plan suitable for the client’s needs. His ability to relate to clients comes from the life experience of being a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Coach, Church Leader, Distance Runner, Veteran, and a Pilot. He received his law degree from the University of Maryland and is a member of the Maryland Bar. Steven received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy. Since 2006 Steven has concentrated on building an expertise in estate law by attending seminars, joining a nationwide association of estate planning attorneys, self-study, and finding mentors to explain the difficult concepts. Steven took the board exam and received the recommendation of his peers to fulfill the certification requirements put forth by the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils as an Estate Planning Law Specialist and an Accredited Estate Planner. Steve trains his team to treat clients as they would like to be treated especially when facing some of the most difficult times of their lives.