Online Divorce Workshop - Preparing For Mortgage Financing

Imagine if you could take control of your divorce, putting you in a stronger position to negotiate your options for keeping the marital home or selling and purchasing a new home. 

What would that mean to you?

Our Divorce Homeowner Workshop on Divorce Mortgage Planning is here to guide you every step of the way providing:

  • Financial Clarity: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage options available during a divorce, empowering you to make informed decisions that can impact your financial future positively.
  • Optimize Asset Division: Learn how to navigate the complexities of dividing property and mortgages in divorce, ensuring a fair and equitable outcome for both parties involved.
  • Preserve Credit Scores: Discover strategies to protect your credit score during a divorce-related mortgage transition, helping you maintain financial stability and future borrowing power.
  • Reduce Stress and Confusion: By attending this workshop, you'll alleviate the stress and confusion often associated with divorce-related mortgage matters, providing peace of mind during an emotionally challenging time.


What if you had the resources, knowledge, and support to be in a stronger position when needing mortgage financing during and after the divorce?

  • Streamlined Mortgage Approval: With the right resources and knowledge, you could navigate the mortgage approval process more efficiently, reducing stress and ensuring you secure the financing you need during a divorce.
  • Improved Financial Understanding: Access to support and financial expertise would enable you to make informed decisions, understanding the implications of various mortgage options and their impact on your post-divorce financial stability.
  • Enhanced Negotiating Power: Armed with knowledge, you could negotiate better mortgage terms and rates, potentially saving money over the life of your loan.
  • Tailored Mortgage Solutions: With the right resources and support, you could explore personalized mortgage solutions that align with your specific financial goals and the terms of your divorce settlement.
  • Reduced Post-Divorce Challenges: Having the necessary resources and support in place would help you avoid common post-divorce mortgage pitfalls, preserving your creditworthiness and financial well-being as you move forward.

Whether you need to refinance your marital mortgage to buy your soon-to-be ex-spouse out or you are selling your family home and need help purchasing a new home, we want to help you reach a mutual understanding of how divorce changes the way you may have obtained mortgage financing in the past and how we can make it smoother for you during or after the divorce process.