In these testimonials, homeowners discuss how working with a CDLP® during the divorce mortgage planning process helped them reach their financial goals. Whether you want to stay in the marital home or purchase a new property as soon as possible, learn about the value a CDLP® brings to the table.

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  • I was given the privilege to send my review of the Presentation of “Better Outcomes for Divorcing Homeowner’s” broadcast on August 4th. “I want to thank Michael Foote, a member of Divorce Lending Association, for inviting me to this hidden treasure of knowledge and help for my clients. I have been practicing for 50 years and am now a “Senior Counselor” in Missouri. This presentation was one of the best hours I have ever spent in my career. My clients may not know it, but they will be provided an additional layer of help in obtaining a new future through their divorce with the information from this presentation. Each and every one of my clients will now be able to have the tools they need in their Settlement Agreements and Judgments to achieve their mutual understandings. The legal world needs to know all of the ins and outs of all the subject matters involved in a divorce; financial, mortgages, alimony/maintenance—spousal support, division of assets and debts, and all elements pertaining to their family and children. This presentation will give you that additional direction and information that you may not know or have used. Take this information and include a Certified Divorce Lending Professional in your settlement process to create a better tomorrow for your clients. As the Divorce Lending Association grows, so will our practices. This is something each of you can offer to all of your clients. This is the added value product we usually do not have to offer. Start now and listen carefully to Jody Bruns, Founder and President of Divorce Lending Association and then apply what you hear.”
    Barbara E. Hecht