Professional Divorce TeamA professional divorce team has a range of team players, including the attorney, financial planner, accountant, appraiser, mediator, and yes, a divorce lending professional. Every team member has a significant role in ensuring the divorcing client is set to succeed post-decree.

Diverse skills allow the divorce team to think about a specific problem in a different, and often more strategic, way. By looking at a problem from different angles and drawing on a wealth of experience and knowledge from all team members, allows for innovative and creative solutions.

1 – Diverse Teams Fill In The Knowledge Gap | The reality is that no one knows everything. Teams solve problems faster when they’re more cognitively diverse.

2 – Diverse Teams Fill In the Perspective Gap | Perspective is the capacity to view or think about a situation or problem wisely and reasonably.

3 – Diverse Teams Fill In the Experience Gap | Experience mostly comes through time, but it can also come from focused learning and specialization.

Leadership is about getting things done with and through other people. When leaders commit to building a diverse team and utilizing each person’s unique contribution, the overall team can experience more success in a shorter time frame—translating to a better outcome for the divorcing couple.

The CDLP™ brings tremendous value to the divorce team during the settlement process because of their more substantial knowledge, perspective, and experience of the entire divorce process. In addition, their understanding of the intersection between family law, financial and tax planning, real property, and mortgage planning truly separates them from other mortgage professionals in the industry.

Certified Divorce Lending Professionals have a completely different perspective when looking at a divorce settlement agreement and participating in the actual settlement or mediation process with the remainder of the professional divorce team. CDLP™s don’t look at the divorce settlement agreement and how it applies to the borrower’s mortgage application. Instead, they have a much broader viewpoint and understanding of the entire process – a more profound and more substantial perspective of divorce's overall impact on the divorcing borrower.

“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work.” - Jack Welch, Winning

It is always essential to work with an experienced mortgage professional who specializes in working with divorcing clients. A Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™) can help answer questions and provide excellent advice.

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