As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BWA Valuations, Brian Walters brings a wealth of experience and education to every engagement in which the value of a business needs to be determined. 

Mr. Walters has held several positions of increasing responsiblity in a professional career that has spanned over 3 decades. 

In his role as the company's primary valuation expert. Mr. Walters performs valuations in support of a variety of situations including (but not limited to):

Divorce/marital asset division; business interest valuation related to partner buyout/buy-in; estate planning/gifting considerations;

Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) interst valuation; "sanity check" valuations related to buying or selling business intersts.

Mr. Walters can work in a collaborative fashion with both sides of a dispute, offering an unbiased opinion as to the value of the business interests as needed. 

Alternativesly, if the dispute regarding the valuation of a business needs to be settled in a courtroom, he has experience testifying as an expert witness in multiple court cases, providing clarity to the court and assisting with understanding the complicated but necessary process of performing a business valuation.