Lance is a native Texan who grew up in Corpus Christi. He attended his beloved University of Texas at Austin and obtained his B.B.A. in Finance in 1990. Lance attended law school at the University of Houston Law Center and completed his law studies in 1994. Public service was always important to Lance. This brought Lance back to his hometown where he served as a Chief Prosecutor for the Nueces County District Attorney for 11 years. Austin always beckoned so Lance and his wife, Christine, moved to Austin in 2005 where Lance served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Prosecutons Division - White Collar Crimes / Public Integrity section until his retirement from the State in 2021. In his public service career, Lance saw firsthand how people took advantage of others during dark times. It is because of his elder abuse and other cases that Lance decided to dedicate the rest of his career to ensuring that families are well prepared for their next season of life.

This is why Lance launched Scion Law Firm. “Scion” is defined as a descendant of a notable heir. Whether you and your family are worth $50,000 or $50,000,000, Lance will make sure that you and your family are treated as Scions. Lance trained under the New Law Business Model prior to launching Scion Law Firm to learn a better way of serving families and their legacies. Lance’s goal is to be your trusted legal advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, and legal decisions for your family throughout your life. He will be there to celebrate each life milestone. Whether it is a new addition to your family, a sale of a business, or a passing of one of your family members, Lance wants to be there to advise you accordingly. His focus is to help families avoid collapse after the death or disability of a loved one and to keep families out of conflict and court.

When not assisting his clients build lasting legacies, Lance and Christine enjoy spending time with their adult children, e-biking around Austin, paddle boarding, rooting for the Longhorns and travel. Be sure to ask Lance about his 4 month adventure in Europe last year and how you too might be able to do that.