Miriam Kosowsky is a certified  attorney-mediator with over twenty-five years of legal experience. For over ten years, she has been the principal of Mediation Saves: Time, Money, Relationships, and Children- which is a mediation practice that focuses exclusively on family law. She is the Vice President of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the premier family mediation organization in Massachusetts.  Miriam graduated with honors from Harvard Law School.  At Harvard Law School, where she was the president of the Family and Children’s Rights Project.  Miriam has a psychology background that is helpful in her mediations, having majored in developmental and cognitive psychology at Barnard of Columbia University,  where she graduated second in her class. 

 Before becoming a mediator, Miriam worked as an assistant district attorney in Norfolk County and then as a corporate litigator at Sullivan & Worcester, LLP in Boston. Miriam’s clients range from those with complex compensation packages, including deferred income, carried interest and stock options, to hourly workers. She also has vast experience with clients who are business owners or self-employed. Miriam guides her clients in a supportive, caring and professional manner and works with them to find creative solutions to satisfy each of their important interests to create divorce agreements that they feel are fair, not only now, but for years ahead.  Additionally, she works towards the best interests of their children so that parents can learn to parent well together as they begin living separate lives.