There are four key pieces of the divorce lending puzzle: family law, financial and tax planning, real property, and mortgage planning. In these testimonials, learn how earning your CDLP® credential can help you better serve the needs of divorcing individuals while offering an opportunity to expand your business.

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  • "The best thing I did was to attend a live class in preparing for my Certified Divorce Lending Professional designation! There was so much energy being in a room with like-minded professionals and having Jody as the live instructor along with the live conversations and questions around the table, helped me to learn and understand at a deeper level. Jody is a gifted teacher and her passion for what she does really shines in the live classes, and she makes it fun!! I also benefited from making new friends and connections." - Theresa Valinatti
    Theresa Valinatti
  • "I highly recommend Jody Bruns and the CDLP® training, certification, and platform. Jody is amazing and knows her stuff! What I was exposed to and learned in the three days together with her in the class was incredible. It far exceeded what I expected. I have been through other training and certification coursework, but nothing compares to Jody’s style of teaching. She is a master of this niche and it's evident on day 1! I highly recommend anyone thinking about being a true advisor in this field to take the in-person certification course! You will be glad you did, and you will be a better advisor for it. I cannot say enough great things about Jody, the CDLP® certification course, and the platform. It is a game-changer. Everything you need to know Jody will expose you to it. There is no one better than Jody in this niche. Take the course and you will be glad you did! "
    Robert Reza
  • "In all honesty, I am AMAZED at how much thought and care that has been put into everything you’ve developed to this point in order to set up CLDP’s for success!! I can only imagine how much of your blood, sweat & tears have gone into building this venture. Major kudos to you!! I’m truly excited and honored to be a part of it!!"
    Michael Schreiber
  • "I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at all of the support you give your CDLP's. I appreciate that this is not just four letters to put behind my name and then I'm set free to figure out how to use them to my advantage. Everything you do is absolutely appreciated! I'm thankful I finally pulled the trigger and completed the course. SMH! Why did I wait so long!?"
    Linnea Clayton
  • "I really enjoyed the experience of taking the course and have to say that you have put together a world class community of professionals. Incredibly informative and real world tools that I can apply immediately."
    Steven Rigo
  • I was given the privilege to send my review of the Presentation of “Better Outcomes for Divorcing Homeowner’s” broadcast on August 4th. “I want to thank Michael Foote, a member of Divorce Lending Association, for inviting me to this hidden treasure of knowledge and help for my clients. I have been practicing for 50 years and am now a “Senior Counselor” in Missouri. This presentation was one of the best hours I have ever spent in my career. My clients may not know it, but they will be provided an additional layer of help in obtaining a new future through their divorce with the information from this presentation. Each and every one of my clients will now be able to have the tools they need in their Settlement Agreements and Judgments to achieve their mutual understandings. The legal world needs to know all of the ins and outs of all the subject matters involved in a divorce; financial, mortgages, alimony/maintenance—spousal support, division of assets and debts, and all elements pertaining to their family and children. This presentation will give you that additional direction and information that you may not know or have used. Take this information and include a Certified Divorce Lending Professional in your settlement process to create a better tomorrow for your clients. As the Divorce Lending Association grows, so will our practices. This is something each of you can offer to all of your clients. This is the added value product we usually do not have to offer. Start now and listen carefully to Jody Bruns, Founder and President of Divorce Lending Association and then apply what you hear.”
    Barbara E. Hecht