Are you thinking about becoming a CDLP®? In these testimonials, mortgage professionals from around the United States share how joining our organization and earning their CDLP® credential helped them advance their careers.

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  • I just did my first presentation to a group of family law professionals and within 12 hours I have 2 attorney meetings, 1 CDFA meeting, 1 invitation to lunch with a CDFA and his 'preferred professionals.' So excited!
    Stacey Ellison, CDLP®
  • The in-depth knowledge provided and assistance in helping to market yourself really makes the CDLP® program stand out from other options. I did not know what to initially expect. That being said, I thought the hours were longer than what was needed until we actually got into all the material. It was a lot of time, but absolutely necessary for all of the content provided. Worthwhile! (10 out of 10)
    Jeremy Weeks
  • The one word to describe my experience is "Eye-Opening". I really loved the knowledge that I learned and how to set ourselves apart from others in the business and to focus on helping the divorcing group. The class scared me to death. It was some really great and useful information and I appreciated the fact that you looked for an alternative to us having to chase clients and realtors for every transaction that we do. I thought it was really hard the first day and then I decided to buckle-up buttercup and put my big girl pants on to make it through. (10 out of 10 Rating)
    Jane Fisher
  • The one word to describe my experience is "enlightening!" I feel after 35 years in our industry, I have found another way to love what we do. Problem solving coupled with our abilities to communicate clearly and make a difference. Divorce is not fun....generally speaking. Being able to assist with the Divorce Team, early on in the process so to create better remedies and "after divorce," peace for divorcing spouses is needed. Family Law Attorney, Financial Planners, Mediators, Divorce Coaches and the divorcing spouses will certainly benefit from a good CDLP. This course certainly exceeded my expectations. I cannot really speak to exactly what my initial expectations were, however this course itself, the areas that we covered, and Jody's extensive explanations and examples kept me engaged and interested. I actually used the word "riveting," at one point.! LOL! (10 out of 10)
    Debbie Mishko
  • The one word to describe my experience is 'thorough.' From the class to the follow-up after. The whole experience has been a welcome change from the surface level courses I had taken regarding other lending specialities. (9 out of 10)
    Zachary Saunders
  • The one word to describe my experience is "EXCITED!" This certification came at the right time. I was already thinking of devoting my business to divorcing clients. I was also working on creating a meet up with professionals that have gone through divorce, such as insurance agent, financial advisor, CPA, positivity coach, therapist, etc...and have a safe and comforting place for divorcing people to come and and not feel judged, embarrassed, have a place to speak freely. We will also have seminars to educate them on insurance, credit, finances, mental health, help them navigate their new life after divorce and most importantly, having a place to feel welcomed and know they are not alone and they have someone to be there and help. This certification fits perfectly with my vision and purpose. I am excited. (10 out of 10)
    Dawn Hazen
  • The one word to describe my experience is 'knowledge.' Knowledge is power has always been my motto. The classes were exceptional and taught in a way that was understandable. All that I can use in my mortgage practice. Looking forward to targeting additional financial planners cpa's and divorce attorneys. (10 out of 10)
    Cheryl Smith
  • Are you struggling to expand your mortgage business beyond the ‘typical’ channels to more specialized areas? I was too! It took 10 years, but I finally found Jody and the CDLP® program and my business will never be the same. I have made more progress in a month working with the Divorce Lending Association than I did during the previous 10 years combined. Jody, the program she has developed, and the team she has put together have me on track to be a great success in this area of expertise. You don’t have to go it alone, contact the great people at Divorce Lending Association and follow their guidance. You’ll be so glad you did. Thank you, Jody!! I’m beyond grateful.
    Jay Kerber
  • I wanted to write to you and say Thank you for all you do. The CDLP® Business Development Coaching program was a game-changer for me. I have worked with family law attorneys for years but never really had a plan that was easy to execute and track where my business was coming from. You have changed that for me and have been so wonderful along the way. The letters you have written, the marketing the plan of the calls, and what to say and when to say have made this so much easier. I can tell you have spent countless hours coming up with this process and getting it on paper and teaching us what to do. I love coming to work with a plan on how to go after new attorneys and financial planners and how to stay in touch with the new referral sources. I can’t thank you enough.
    Carri Goldring
  • "In the short period of time since I went through my training and certification with The Divorce Lending Association my business and referral network has grown exponentially. The training, support, education and coaching that Jody Bruns and her team provides is second to none. There is no other program like it. Jody and the community are so supportive and helpful, I could not feel any better about my decision. I went through another program prior to this and was not at all positioned or prepared for the service and the questions that I am able to provide as a CDLP. I truly feel that I have a community of like-minded professionals behind me in all aspects of focusing on divorce mortgage planning. If you are trying to figure out how to take your business to the next level and work with professionals that are working with clients as trusted advisors, then I would say do not wait one more minute to get started. Thank you, Jody Bruns and CDLP for providing such a comprehensive and fantastic platform! "
    Tami Wollensak