Testimonial Summary:

  • Brent Rasmussen, owner of Mortgage Specialists and a loan officer, discusses his experience as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) in a testimonial video.
  • He initially sought ways to expand his referral sources beyond realtors, financial planners, and attorneys, recognizing the need for mortgage advice in divorce situations.
  • Rasmussen praises the Divorce Lending Association, particularly Jody Bruns, for providing valuable education on mortgage guidelines related to divorce, tax implications, and legal processes.
  • He emphasizes the significance of CDLP® certification, highlighting the support from the association, including educational resources and marketing materials, which aid in collaborating with attorneys who lack mortgage expertise.
  • Rasmussen attests that since becoming a CDLP®, a significant portion of his business comes from clients going through divorces, and he encourages others to consider the certification to enhance their mortgage lending knowledge and business opportunities.

[Transcript] How Being a CDLP Expanded Brent's Referral Sources:

Brent Rasmussen, CDLP®Hello! If you're watching this, I just want to give a quick introduction and explanation of what being a CDLP® means to me and how it's affected my business. My name is Brent Rasmussen. I'm owner of Mortgage Specialists and also a loan officer that continually works with clients on a daily basis. A few years back I was looking around and looking at different sources of where I could also obtain different incomes from or different referrals from not just only Realtors, financial planners, normal attorneys, but also clients and friends and and previous customers. I also had gone through a divorce myself and understood through that process that there was a piece that was missing. No one really helped advise me or talk about the mortgage needs, and that was always something that I realized that there's a huge support system that's needed for individuals who are going through divorces. I found the Divorce Lending Association and specifically Jody Bruns, who's been absolutely amazing in providing educational updates on Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, and Freddie Mac guidelines that could affect what a person can qualify for with their divorce, going through a divorce, or post-divorce, and how they would qualify.

I have five different other certifications and believe that CDLP® is one of the most coveted ones that I can attest to of learning the most throughout the course...

I have five different other certifications and believe that CDLP® is one of the most coveted ones that I can attest to of learning the most throughout the course of understanding tax implications what can and cannot be done through the legal process, but also incorporating that information into my business. Besides taking the course and becoming certified, they are there each and every week giving you education information, but also Flyers to provide to other attorneys that I can attest 100 times over that they appreciate the information, the knowledge, and the expertise that we can give to them because they're not mortgage originators. They don't do home loans; they don't understand that process. They understand how and what it takes to get through a divorce, but I can attest that just having the marketing materials and the individuals behind you each time there might be a question about a divorce, that I'm not completely sure of what the scenario is, or how it might work, I can email the association and within seconds we receive a response. Jody is great, her team is amazing! It's not just having her and her team on your side, but there's also hundreds of CDLP®s across the country, and you might need a connection with understanding California law or Arizona divorce or New York lending and it's great to have a connection of individuals that contact that are really looking out for the client, and give you the best information and answers they possibly can.

I can attest since receiving my CDLP® 25% to 30% of my business now comes from individuals that are going through a divorce or have questions about what can be done. Whether we're handling the loan before the divorce has started, before/after the filing, or once the judges sign the divorce is completed, I feel I can help anywhere along the way because of the education that have been provided by the Divorce Lending Association. So if you're contemplating whether this is a move for you, you can definitely reach out to me at any point in time. I'm on many of the calls, but you can find my information and I would love to advise you to take the next step and become a CDLP®, and actually besides just becoming a CDLP®, actually using the knowledge and the information that you obtain to further develop different peripheral sources. I can honestly say I can see this market changing many years ago that real estate can be ups and downs and there's a way to truly balance out and flatten out your business model, and it's been a huge success for me. So thank you for your time. I hope you consider becoming a CDLP® and working with Jody. She is a great individual helping thousands and thousands of cases going through divorce and also guiding us if we do have questions along the way. Thank you very much. Hope you have a great rest your day!

Brent Rasmussen