CDLP Continuing EducationYes, there are Continuing Education requirements to maintain your CDLP® certification.

Here’s why it’s worth it.

Continuing education is a broad term that describes learning acquired after a student has earned a certification or designation. Many professionals ask this question: If I already have the certificate, designation, or degree, do I really need continuing education?

The short answer is yes. In today’s rapidly changing industries, such as family law, financial and tax planning, and mortgage lending, ongoing education has become essential to career success and survival in virtually every field involved in the divorce space.

Attorneys, financial advisors, mediators, real estate professionals, and mortgage professionals must meet continuing education requirements as part of their professional development. Therefore, it would only make sense that a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP® ) who is involved in all 5 of these aspects of the divorce would be required to have continuing education.

Standard of Excellence

The CDLP® certification is the only divorce real estate and mortgage program that offers and requires continuing education to meet its required standard of excellence.

Suppose another program boasts the fact they don’t require annual continuing education. In that case, one might be prudent in going a different route for continued success in working with divorcing homeowners and their professional divorce team.

Benefits of Continuing Education

The point is, over the course of your career as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, the nature of your job will continue to change, and most likely require more, or different, knowledge and skills to continue to grow.  Beyond staying current, continuing education provides an opportunity to leap ahead and take your expertise further. 

By applying continuous learning, you can add immeasurable value to your role and those that will benefit from your services.

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