Why Negotiation Skills Are Important

The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill for all business professionals, especially for the sales professional. Having negotiation skills training equips you with the skills to close deals that might otherwise be deadlocked, maximize value in the agreements you reach, and resolve differences before they escalate into costly conflicts.

One of the most important skills every real estate agent needs to have is the ability to negotiate a successful sale. Keeping a sale on track and negotiating a final price only looks easy after the fact. Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, those final weeks prior to closing can be contentious.

And Lenders: What’s the best answer to, “Your competitor quoted me a lower rate?” Do you negotiate? Do you call their bluff?

Negotiation is considered an “art.” How refined are your negotiating skills?

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Negotiate Your Way to Better Outcomes

There is no question that negotiation skills are an important part of doing business. In today's hyper-connected and increasingly competitive market, the ability to negotiate effectively is more highly valued than ever before. 

Becoming more aware of the impact you have on others as well as understanding what drives your counterparts' opinion and position is vital in order to become an effective negotiator.

A Negotiation Mindset is Beneficial with Everyone.


Principles of Negotiation is a basic negotiation skills training course that results in a solid understanding of negotiation processes and strategies that results in more profitable sales and accelerated sales cycles. With this course, sellers can guide the negotiation of complex sales or contracts without succumbing to discount pressures - while still offering valuable solutions to customers.


In this negotiation skills training course, you will learn...


Principles of Negotiation is a basic negotiation skills training course that all sales professionals should have in their tool box. You will learn the primary phases of negotiation and the most commonly used bargaining formats while developing skills and strategies for successful negotiating. 

Principles of Negotiation teaches you essential sales negotiation skills so you can close more deals, faster and more profitable.

Through the sales negotiation skills this course offers, you'll learn how to conduct all aspects of sales negotiation, including positioning and framing the negotiation, exchanging alternatives to resolve differences, handling impasse, and securing a final agreement.

3 Hour Self-Paced Online Instruction

Recognize & Counter Negotiation Tactics

You’ll identify and respond to customer negotiation tactics, allowing you to regain control of the room and guide the deal in the right direction.

Avoid Damaged Relationships

Avoid difficult negotiations, moving through positive processes that preserve client relationships for future business opportunities.

Solidify Solution Pricing

The price of your solutions or services shouldn't remain a mystery. Sellers will learn how to nail down pricing with customers well before the deal closes.

Open the Door to Opportunities

The first negotiation with customers can reveal a lot about future company goals and needs. Negotiate a prime position for future sales opportunities.

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Tap the Power of Essential Sales Negotiation Skills

 3 Hour Self-Paced Online Instruction
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Key benefits from this course...


Whether you are new to sales negotiations or a seasoned sales negotiator, you'll benefit from our Principles of Negotiation - Basic Negotiation Skills Training.

  • We cover a range of negotiation skills and strategies to develop or improve your base line negotiation skills.
  • You'll learn how to develop negotiation strategies that optimize the outcome for all parties and results in mutually beneficial agreements.
  • We'll teach you how to manage your emotional intelligence. By adopting a rational mindset for negotiating, you can redirect counterproductive behaviors to maintain a consultative approach and move discussions forward to a successful conclusion.
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