The Divorce Lending Association offers you the level of education that meets your needs.
The CDLP® certification is the #1 divorce mortgage planning training program available in the mortgage industry today. 

Certified Divorce Lending Professional logoGet CDLP® Certified

CDLP® Certification - Take an active role in divorce mortgage planning helping divorcing homeowners make a more informed decision with their overall mortgage and home equity solutions. 

The Certified Divorce Lending Professional Certification prepares you to become an integral member of the professional divorce team by providing you with the required knowledge base, business model, and ongoing support. 

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Additional Education and Resources

Divorce Real Estate Training WorkshopPartnering with Family Law Professionals | A Training Course for Real Estate Professionals

3-Hour Divorce Real Estate Workshp Training

Gain a thorough understanding of the opportunities and players in family law. Break down the anatomy of a diovrce, real property, and divorce mortgage planning. Implement a strategic business plan for building a presence partnering with family law professionals. 

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Divorce Real Estate Training WorkshopDivorce Workshop for Divorcing Homeowners 

Divorce changes everything you ever knew about getting approved for mortgage financing.

The online workshop helps you prepare for mortgage financing during and after divorce. Guiding you on how to document your divorce mortgage planning case file; answering questions such as 'Can I keep the family home?' or 'How can I purchase a new home when I'm still on the current mortgage?' to the mutual understanding of the expectation for receiving spoursl or child support and the effect on mortgage financing.

Walk away with strategies and solutions for refinancing or purchacing a new home during and afer divorce. 

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Negotiation LiteracyDivorce Literacy Publication

Divorce Literacy is a monthly publication dedicated to providing family lawyers and other family law professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to assist with divorce-related situations when working with divorcing homeowners who need real property and mortgage planning strategies.

Whether you're contending with debts, assets, child support, or a combination of complexities, Divorce Literacy brings creative strategies for a smoother and more successful resolution.

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