Testimonial Summary:

  • Karla Kyte, a mortgage professional with 25 years of experience, shares her testimonial about the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) certification.
  • She initially didn't understand why attorneys didn't consult mortgage professionals first to help structure separation agreements for divorcing couples to qualify for future homeownership.
  • After meeting a mediator who insisted on working only with CDLP-certified professionals, Karla researched and found Jody Bruns, the instructor, online.
  • She attended a two-day CDLP course in Arizona and was pleasantly surprised by Jody Brun's extensive knowledge and how the certification provided a broader understanding of the real estate and tax implications in divorce cases.
  • Obtaining the CDLP certification significantly boosted Karla's divorce business over two years, as attorneys recognized her expertise and willingness to assist in structuring separation agreements for the benefit of all parties involved.

[Transcript] How Getting a CDLP Helped Karla's Business Flourish:

Karla Kyte, Cross Country MortgageGood morning, I am Karla Kyte with Cross Country Mortgage, and I wanted to give Jody Bruns a little testimonial for her to pass along to anybody that is thinking about getting their CDLP.

So first of all I have been in the business doing loans for close to 25 years. I've dealt with numerous divorcing couples. Helping them to overcome all the obstacles that we help them overcome in a divorce situation, and I think one of my biggest things is that I never understood why attorneys did not come talk to us first to ask us how to help them write that separation agreement so that they could qualify for future homeownership.

Anyway, I ran into this mediator at a BNI Group and she said "Karla do you have your CDLP? Because the people that I work with really only want to work with you. If you have your CDLP, I know you know what you're doing, but they really want you to have this." I replied, "What is that?" So I came back to the office that day and researched it, and I found Jody online. The next course that she had available was actually in Arizona so I booked a quick flight to Arizona it was a two-day course. I figured I know what i'm doing, this is no big deal. I will be working the whole time while I'm there because I know this. I just need to get this darn certification so that these people, these mediators will work with me.

So I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, Jody is amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge, and she knows all the ins and outs of this business. What I really learned was that there are all these different puzzle pieces that fit into the whole transaction, and so now, I understand why an attorney would maybe write something the way that they did because maybe it affected something along the lines of a tax benefit for them or maybe it had something to do with the property, so the real estate piece was affected. All I was thinking about was the loan. So I think the really important thing is that in getting your CDLP, it just gives you a little bit something more so that you can go into attorneys offices and tell them that you understand this business a little bit more than the other lender down the street.

"I can tell you in my two years of having my CDLP, my divorce business has flourished simply because I have it."

Yes there might be a lot of things that we all do the same, but I can tell you in my two years of having my CDLP, my divorce business has flourished simply because I have it, and word of mouth has spread. Attorneys know that I know what I'm doing. They know that I will jump in early and help out and help them to structure their separation agreement so that all parties will benefit in the end. Anyway, I hope that helps if anybody wants to reach out to me for any other advice along the lines of getting your CDLP, please do. My number is 303-525-9077.

Karla Kyte