Do you want to go to work each day knowing that you’re making your clients’ lives better—instead of simply asking them to sign documents they don’t fully understand? Do you feel as though you’re constantly struggling to find new clients or that your business is at the mercy of fluctuating interest rates and market inventory levels? At the Divorce Lending Association, we help mortgage professionals access the resources they need to effectively serve divorcing homeowners.

Whether you’re new to the profession or you’ve been a mortgage professional for decades, Divorce Lending Association can help you expand your services to reach this growing client base. Our members help divorcing homeowners identify their home equity solutions while creating lasting relationships with attorneys, financial planners, mediators, and tax professionals.

Learn to Serve Divorcing Homeowners by Earning Your CDLP® Certification

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) does not provide legal or tax advice. As a member of the professional divorce team, a CDLP® provides insight on mortgage financing opportunities and recognizes potential legal or tax concerns that may arise in any given circumstance. Our CDLP® Certification Course covers topics such as:

  • Types of property in a marriage
  • Equitable distribution and community property
  • Dividing real estate in a divorce
  • Transferring ownership of real property
  • How the mortgage interest deduction is affected by divorce
  • Selling the marital home
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Becoming an expert witness

Since we know it can be difficult to make time for continuing education, our CDLP™ Certification Course offers two convenient training options:

  • Online learning. The CDLP® eLearning Platform allows mortgage professionals to earn your certification online and at your own pace.
  • Face-to-face learning. Join industry professionals for three amazing days of live in-person instruction.

The CDLP® exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and an 80% score is required to receive the certification. Your Certified Divorce Lending Professional credential is valid for one year, after which you must maintain membership with the Divorce Lending Association and complete four hours of continuing education, ensuring competency in tax codes and other ongoing developments in the field of divorce mortgage planning.

Build a Thriving Practice With Our Business Development and Business Management Services 

Once you’ve earned your CDLP® credential, the Divorce Lending Association offers the support you need to expand your business and locate suitable clients and referral partners. Instead of trying to “reinvent the wheel” on your own, you’ll have the opportunity to use our business development and business management services to build a thriving practice.

The services we offer include:

  • Weekly coaching with industry experts discussing how to build your divorce mortgage planning practice through partner engagement
  • Tips to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned in your certification course to your day-to-day work as a CDLP® and member of the professional divorce team
  • Access to the CDLP® Professional Referral Method, including a digital presence with built-in lead generation and integrated CRM

There is a Swedish proverb that says, “Many little streams make a mighty river.” If the mortgage business is the river, you want to make sure you’re tapping into the full potential of the divorce stream. Our business management program is a monthly service that is optional for all mortgage professionals with an active CDLP® certification, but we believe this program is the best way for a CDLP® to increase their earning potential.

Gain Access to Continuing Education and More as a Member of the Divorce Lending Association

As a member of the Divorce Lending Association, you’ll receive access to a number of valuable resources to help you better serve your clients while expanding your mortgage lending practice. Membership benefits include:

  • A personalized member listing in the Divorce Lending Association CDLP® Directory so homeowners and divorce professionals can locate you when they’re in need of divorce mortgage planning assistance
  • Access to ongoing CDLP® marketing and business development resources
  • Ongoing education and training opportunities to help you maintain your certification
  • The ability to participate in a private and very active community forum where you can exchange scenarios, experiences, and insight with other successful mortgage professionals

Contact Us Today to Register for Your CDLP® Training or to Learn More

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