This self-paced recorded coaching program, built on years of successful experiences, offers a four-step approach designed to streamline the launch and expansion of your divorce mortgage planning business as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®). It includes extensive CDLP® marketing materials and a presentation for meetings, aimed at facilitating your initial engagements and conveying a message that highlights your contributions to the divorce team, enhancing your referral potential.

 CDLP® Coaching and Marketing Path to Success

Business development transcends traditional sales and marketing efforts. It employs a strategic methodology of established messages and strategies to transition you from a mortgage expert to a respected advisor in the niche of Divorce Mortgage Planning.

Step One: Planning and Prepping Your Divorce Mortgage Planning Practice

  • Preparing Your CDLP® Marketing Collateral
  • Building Your Audience and Knowing Your Numbers
  • CDLP® Unique Selling Proposition - USP

Step Two: Opening Doors and Getting the Appointment

  • The Warm Referral and The Cold Approach
  • Scheduling the Meeting and Making the Initial Call
  • Cold Approach and the CDLP® 10|20 Process

Step Three: Handling the Initial Meeting

  • Delivering a Referrable Message and Managing the Meeting
  • The Initial Partner Meeting Presentation

Step Four: The Follow-Up Process

  • Nurturing the Relationship
  • Bonus Conversation from Successful CDLP®s

The marketing collateral used in the CDLP® Business Development program is unique to this program and differs from the collateral in coaching and marketing programs.